Thursday, April 21, 2011


Google has announced that its YouTube videos are now being transcoded into the WebM format – an open media file format for video and audio which is being strongly backed by Google. “As we work to transcode more videos into WebM, we hope to reduce the technical incompatibilities that prevent you from accessing video while improving the overall online video landscape,” explains software engineer James Zern in a blog post. But the interesting stat is buried a bit lower down. “So far we’ve already transcoded videos that make up 99% of views on the site or nearly 30% of all videos into WebM.” So nearly a third of YouTube videos account for 99% of views, or to put it another way, more than 70% of videos account for 1% of views.

ISPs knocked back on all but one count in DEA judicial review !

Yesterday saw the verdict in the judicial review of the UK’s Digital Economy Act, sparked by a legal challenge from ISPs BT and TalkTalk. All but one of their challenges were thrown out, including their claim that the DEA fell foul of EC laws; that it makes ISPs liable in damages for copyright infringement on their network; that it breaches data protection laws; and that it is a disproportionate response to the problem of online piracy.

However, their complaint that ISPs having to pay for 25% of the costs of establishing an appeals body was upheld. BPI boss Geoff Taylor hailed the verdict as giving “the green light for action to tackle illegal downloading in the UK. It confirms that the DEA is proportionate and consistent with European law… It is now time for BT and TalkTalk to work constructively with government and rights holders to implement the Digital Economy Act.” We hope he didn’t pop any champagne yesterday though: the ISPs may appeal. “We are reviewing this long and complex judgment and considering our options, which may include an appeal to the court of appeal, or a request that the court of appeal make a reference to European court of justice,” said a spokesperson from TalkTalk.

This looks like the world may regulate the illegal services and walk down the pathway that Iceland has done. May be we can all hope that all the legal music providers like Blue Vault Digital can one day move to have the illegal sites blocked at the ISP level.

Would be a nice idea !


We have been pretty busy with the revamp of our website. This along with the global expansion of the business development team and general consultant network means that Blue Vault Digital is getting ready to take on the world of digital entertainment and claim our small piece of the market. Stay tuned for more and I hope you like the new site.

Damien Reilly
CEO & Founder
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

US internet users watching 11 billion web videos a month !!!

According to comScore's latest figures, 134 million US internet users watched a total of more than 11 billion videos during April this year. That's an average of 81 videos each. More stats: 71% of the total US internet audience viewed online video, the average viewer watched 228 minutes of it during the month, and 18-34 year-olds are the heaviest viewers. YouTube accounted for a whopping 4.1 billion video views, while MySpace snagged 481 million.

With this kind of shift to the web we expect to see video downloads to increase rapidly with all forms of mobile devices and carriers. We have been steadily growing our digital catalogue now for the past 3 years and will be expanding into film and short films.

So whats this all mean ?
To me this is just the start of the total emersive technology evolution with all content now being driven to your handset and desk top PC.

Think about it for a moment and ask yourself how much time to you spend at the keyboard. Well for myself I spend over 60 + hours staring at a screen and then on the weekends I may end up spending another 10 hours staring at a flat screen TV or go to cinema.

No matter which way you look at it the market will move to snack content and video on demand. For Blue Vault Digital it is all about making the delivery of the content super easy for our customers.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Blue Pie Music & MP3 Downloads:

My Blue Pie Music & MP3 Downloads:

Mp3 downloads are responsible for probably the biggest change in music buying habits since the invention of vinyl. Whether it will be good or bad for the industry is a matter of some dispute, but it has happened, and a period of adjustment is inevitable whilst the old guard find their feet.

With a philosophy of community spirit and openness, Blue Pie and our digital store My Blue PIe Music we connecting to our customers in new and exciting ways.

This direct connection is crucial, both to consumer and retailer, and this has not changed since the days of physical record purchases. What has changed, however, is the amount of choice available to mp3 purchasers. This is best explained by the theory of “The Long Tail”, first theorised by Chris Anderson; to paraphrase, the internet is about selling small amounts of many goods, rather than large amounts of a few goods.

To help customers through this huge amount of independent and often undiscovered content, Blue Pie has been creating a true community network.

Selling to the “Long Tail” or niche market is where Blue Pie really comes into its own. With a large collection of back catalogue mp3’s, some unavailable anywhere else, and indie labels clamouring to join the the My Blue Pie Music stores, there is music from Every Genre for Every Generation.

Music is offered in non-DRM high quality mp3 format. High quality mp3’s are worth paying for, and we believe this coupled with our diversity of content, value for monty service and promotions from labels all over the world place us in a unique place to be able to look after the most important aspect of the business food chain ... THE CUSTOMER.

Check out the store and our 14,000 + labels that we have represented from majors to indies.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Sony Connect Dismantles

Sony Connect is now officially taking steps to dismantle its service, and warning users of a shutdown ahead. The development follows numerous leaks of a closure to Digital Music News in June, and a subsequent denial by Sony Corporation. But Connect is now unquestionably shutting off the lights within the next few months. "Sony will be phasing out the Connect music services based on Sony's Atrac audio format in North America and Europe," a Sony press release indicated Thursday. "Specific timing will vary by region depending on market demand, but will not be before March, 2008."

The company also shared the news in an email to subscribers, and offered the multi-month window to finalize purchases and redeem gift codes. Subscribers were urged to save their purchased collections to disc, though Sony promised ongoing compatibility with its SonicStage software and previously-released portable music players.
Other portable media players are a different story entirely. That includes the iPod and numerous other devices, all of which are incompatible with Connect downloads. Additionally, Sony has omitted support for protected Atrac files on its latest Network Walkman players. That spells an annoying transition for users, one that will require a conversion into MP3s using a CD burning workaround.